Roof demolition


As the Agency’s contractor Gramercy Group, Inc. undertook the removal of the smokestacks on the roof of the Jersey City Powerhouse it became evident that a more serious situation existed.
It was apparent that the rooftop monitors deteriorated significantly since the stabilization project began. Several pieces of concrete encasement have fallen off. The Agency’s structural engineer for the project assessed the situation and determined that the monitors be demolished as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to the structure below. It was noted that the roof monitors were in danger of collapsing within the building.

In July 2013, Gramercy began demolishing the monitors taking exceptional care to protect the switch yard operated by PATH on the west side of the building. This removal required a high degree of skill. While performing their work an unstable section of the monitor wall on the east side of the building collapsed. Through it all the Agency continues to persevere with saving this iconic building for the residents of Jersey City and future generations to come.

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