As the Agency’s contractor Gramercy Group, Inc. undertook the removal of the smokestacks on the roof of the Jersey City Powerhouse it became evident that a more serious situation existed.
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The ongoing stabilization of the historic H & M Powerhouse by the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency has entered a critical stage this spring with the removal of the smokestacks.  more »


The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency announced that the much anticipated inspection of the Powerhouse smokestacks was started today by Vertical Access, a group that specializes in engineering studies for areas that are difficult to access. Read More>>
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A group of international graduate students tour the Powerhouse with staff from the Agency and the Planning Office. The students from Europe and Asia where anxious to discuss adaptive reuse plans for the 102 year old icon.  more »


For the past few weeks, the contractor has been boarding up the windows on the east, west and south exposures to prevent further deterioration from weather.  more »


Approximately 80 tons of soil were removed from the Powerhouse this week by the contractor.  more »


At its Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Agency awarded a contract to Beyer Blinder Belle to provide architectural and engineering services for Phases II and III of the planned stabilization.  more »


The contractor begins boarding Types 1 and 4 windows on the north side of the building – which was halted by New Jersey Transit circa 1/18/10.  more »


The contractor mobilizes at the site and begins boarding up of windows on the ground floor.  more »


A job meeting was held at the site with the contractor, architect, engineer, construction manager, JCRA staff and Port Authority personnel to discuss security and protection of the PATH facilities during construction work.  more »


The Agency issued the formal “Notice to Proceed” for the required work.  more »


A preconstruction meeting was held to discuss not only procedures, the contractor will follow, but a host of other things.


The Agency published an Invitation for Bids in two local newspapers for the “Enclosure of the Monumental Window Openings” at the Hudson & Manhattan Powerhouse in Jersey City.  more »